UNCG 125th

Celebrating 125 years of opportunity and excellence

Next Giant Steps

UNCG’s new strategic plan is rooted in three areas of transformation — Student, Knowledge, and Regional — and three areas of focus — Health and Wellness, Vibrant Communities, and Global Connections. The intersection of these areas allows room for student and community connections and growth. With the strategic plan as a guide, UNCG is poised to take giant steps through teaching, research, and community engagement.

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Student Transformation

Learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom help transform students into lifelong learners and informed, engaged members of society. Opportunities to learn in the community through study abroad, service learning, student teaching, research, and internships provide positive outcomes for students. They gain self-confidence, connections to the community, and improved attitudes toward cultural differences.

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Knowledge Transformation

UNCG fosters interdisciplinary research through its various institutions and research networks. Knowledge transformation occurs when research, critical analysis, and research translation enhance learning. UNCG faculty build upon existing knowledge and their active roles transfer to the classroom, allowing them to bring cutting-edge perspectives to students.

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Regional Transformation

By providing education, research, and partnership in the economic development of our region, UNCG contributes to its transformation. UNCG supports regional institutes and networks by providing jobs and buying goods and services. Programs work to address unfair housing practices and improve community conditions that negatively affect quality of life.

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Health & Wellness

UNCG focuses on improving health and well-being programs, research initiatives, and community engagement. Students improve health and wellness in the community through their involvement with initiatives, such as one that transforms how city leaders help low-income communities thrive. Through another research initiative, students create health equity and address health disparities through training and community outreach.

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Vibrant Communities

A thriving and creative arts scene, cultural enrichment, equal access to education, and a flourishing economy all play a part in vibrant communities. UNCG departments contribute to transforming the student experience by introducing a new art space for classroom or gallery space, partnering with a local food market to address sustainability and marketing, and collaborating with the community to collect stories of war veterans. Students learn to be active partners in contributing to the vibrancy of their communities.

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Global Connections

UNCG students learn skills to engage with and contribute effectively to the global community. The histories, languages, traditions, religions, economics, and ethics of other cultures provide better understanding of the similarities and differences of cultures across the globe. UNCG faculty and students work with programs to help immigrant families overcome barriers in their children’s education and provide physical activity programs for underserved youth.