UNCG 125th

Celebrating 125 years of opportunity and excellence

Service & Activism

UNCG’s history of service goes back to 1893, when the first graduates of the North Carolina State Normal and Industrial School selected “service” as the school’s motto. Students, faculty, and staff have been serving ever since, pushing for social change and helping members of the local community.

1902Women's Betterment Association

Women’s Betterment Association

Founded in 1902, this student group led the charge to improve North Carolina school buildings.

1915Suffrage march

Women’s Suffrage March

In 1915, during their regular afternoon “walking period,” 250 students participated in a women’s suffrage march down College Avenue.

1918The Carpenterettes

The Carpenterettes

During World War I, seven students known as the “Carpenterettes” joined together to build a YWCA hut for community use.

1918Farmerettes working in a garden

The Farmerettes

In 1918, ten students known as the “Farmerettes” worked on a 300-acre farm just outside of Greensboro as part of the war effort.

1935Virginia Tucker

“Human Computer” Virginia Tucker

In 1935, graduate Virginia Tucker joined the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory as one of five female mathematicians in the first “Computer Pool.” She later became a supervisor, managing more than 400 women in computing sections at Langley.

1919Suffrage demonstration

Suffragist Speaks on Campus

The Class of 1919 selected Dr. Anna Howard Shaw to speak at graduation, where it was announced that a new campus dormitory would be named to honor the suffragist.

1940American Legion logo

American Legion Auxiliary

The American Legion Auxiliary Tar Heel Girls State simulated local and state governments to give high school students insight into politics. The first Girls State was held on campus in 1940.


Campus War Service League

The campus War Service League organized activities that allowed students to contribute to the war effort in a variety of ways during World War II.

1960Woolworth's store

The Greensboro Sit-ins

In 1960, several Woman’s College students participated in the Greensboro Sit-ins, a civil-rights protest launched by four North Carolina A&T State College students at a Woolworth’s lunch counter.

1942Harriet Elliott

WAVES Creation

In 1942, Dean of Women Harriet Elliott served as advisor in the creation of WAVES, the women’s naval auxiliary. The Elliott University Center is named after her.

1948Golden Chain Honor Society

Golden Chain Honor Society

The Golden Chain Honor Society was formed by students in 1948 to honor those who demonstrated a notable commitment to campus service.

1967Black Power Forum

Black Power Forum

Hosted on campus in 1967, the Forum was organized in part by the SGA to inform students about the movement and foster discussion.

1969Students on strike

Food Service Workers’ Strike

During a strike for higher wages in 1969, the SGA voted to support the workers, boycott the cafeteria, and hire an attorney to represent the workers.

1977ROTC logos


A 1977 agreement between UNCG and North Carolina A&T State University meant that UNCG students could take up to 12 hours of ROTC courses at A&T for credit.

2017forest scene

Wetlands Installation

Two wetlands are under construction on campus, designed to improve water quality and provide opportunities for research, hands-on learning, and community outreach.


Greensboro Massacre Protest

After the 1979 shooting deaths of five anti-Ku Klux Klan protestors in Greensboro, the defendants were put on trial and found not guilty. Many UNCG students joined the Greensboro community in protesting the verdict.

2017Student serving meals

Spartan Service Trips

The Office of Leadership and Service-Learning sponsors student-led service trips during school breaks and on weekends.

2017MLK Day of Service participants

MLK Day of Service

UNCG holds an annual event for students to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., by serving the local community.